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Friday, January 21, 2011

Behind the Scenes

I thought I would allow a little peak behind the scenes here and show what I spent at least a portion of my day doing. My task was to illustrate a story by my good friend Steve Galea. The story, called "Wet Spots" is essentially about the unfortunate sweating that takes place when a fisherman spends too long in neoprene waders. ( Ah the varied life of an illustrator).

I liked the action of the onlookers in my first attempt. However, when I sent it to Steve for his thoughts, he mentioned ( as only Steve can ) that it looked like the guy was exposing himself. So a change was necessary, after all the final art is to be be published in a G rated magazine.

Back at the drawing board and rough B started to take shape. I sent it to my art director and he gave it a relieved thumbs up. I'll post the finished piece when I am able to do so.

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