Hello and welcome to my sketch-blog. This seemingly self-indulgent exercise is where I intend to post the doodles, sketches, and occasionally more finished pieces of artwork to, if my insecurities are correct, an apathetic if not imaginary audience.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My Outdoors...again!

Another installment of a My Outdoors by Steve Galea.

This time centered around two young girls disappointment in their fathers misunderstanding of of their interest in seeing the Bieber House.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The decision is in

So I did get approval on one of the roughs I sent in and they chose the one I most wanted to do. A welcome if not rare treat.

And so with deadlines being what are, I moved quickly to finish it. I tried a little further experimentation with a softer chalkier look. I like it and will be working towards refining it more. Here then is the end result of my efforts ....such as it is.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Process

Just thought I might post a little of the process I go through each month as I set to illustrate the "My Outdoors" back page humor story written by my good friend Steve Galea.

In this months entry, Steve goes on, as only he can, about picking, purchasing and keeping live bait for fishing. Moreover how the opposite sex often fails to see the romantic potential implied by a fella when he so seductively whispers to his special gal, that..... "he's got worms". ( his line, not mine)

So today I rough up a few ideas and have submitted these three concepts to my art director. I think each one has it's own charm and possibilities. While I wait for word to come down from my editors with regards to which one they wish for me to complete, perhaps a few of you might like to weigh in on which one is most interesting (if any)?

Whichever one my art director selects, I'll be sure to post the finished piece here when I am cleared to do so.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Warm-up Sketch

I took a couple of days off over the weekend. It was a rare but welcome change of pace.

So this morning just to get my head and hands back into things, I did this little warm up sketch of a hummingbird in our garden, while I drank my morning coffee on the back porch.

Working quickly, applying my colors wet into wet gave me an effect that pleased me and one I will explore more in my work. Oh and the spring palette is a welcome change of pace as well.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Oh, how I love to break free from deadlines and publishing commitments and just doodle.

Friday, April 8, 2011

"Bearly" Tasteful

Been a while since I have posted anything new. Swamped here at the studio, and missing out on some beautiful spring weather too I might add. Ah well, it's nice to gaze out the window at now and then.

Anyways, for those craving a new image and post I give you this. An illustration that once and for all answers the age old question, "does a bear sh_ t in the woods?"

I promise next post will be a little more "high brow" for the more sensitive types. Although I suspect they have stopped looking in long ago.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Developing Diggs

Last week, while mindlessly doodling, this little guy showed up on my sketch paper...I do many of these kind of doodles each day but for some reason this guy resonated with me. I did him up as an experiment in a softer look, ( see earlier blog post) but he persisted. So I have been trying getting to know him more thoroughly to see if he might find a place in a story or image someday.

I often do this by way of a crude sculpture. This way I can see him in 3D and see how the light might fall on him in any given situation..Then I explore the possibilities with inks and pencils.

I have posted a little of my process here for those who might like yet another peek behind the curtain.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Night Shift

Spring is starting to overtake winter here. In fact just the other night I heard a screech owl calling for an eligible suitor in the yard outside of my studio window. I just thought the the little guy and the occasion deserved a little tribute.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So I have been searching for a slightly softer look for some of my stuff and have been fooling with colored pencils in an effort to explore their possibilities. I am posting the results...Still note sure though whether I feel as though I have succeeded in my efforts.

As they say, any time spent doodling and exploring is time well spent.

Monday, January 31, 2011

As Promised

So, I have completed the illustration of the unfortunate fellow ( mentioned in my last post) who appears to have spent too long in his non-breathable neoprene waders.....or something like that.

While the subject matter seems more than a little suspect, as an illustrator you simply take them as they come, and pray for inspitration ( or is it perspiration ?). That said, occasionally an assignment comes along that can even make me wince. I do wonder though, if A.B.Frost or Rockwell ever found themselves up against such a task?...I think not.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Behind the Scenes

I thought I would allow a little peak behind the scenes here and show what I spent at least a portion of my day doing. My task was to illustrate a story by my good friend Steve Galea. The story, called "Wet Spots" is essentially about the unfortunate sweating that takes place when a fisherman spends too long in neoprene waders. ( Ah the varied life of an illustrator).

I liked the action of the onlookers in my first attempt. However, when I sent it to Steve for his thoughts, he mentioned ( as only Steve can ) that it looked like the guy was exposing himself. So a change was necessary, after all the final art is to be be published in a G rated magazine.

Back at the drawing board and rough B started to take shape. I sent it to my art director and he gave it a relieved thumbs up. I'll post the finished piece when I am able to do so.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ta Da!

We'll here it is...My newly designed web site.


Finally, I have a site that fully exposes my double life as an illustrator. You see for years I have served two seemingly unrelated markets with my work, one serious,
the other, well let's say more anthropomorphic...Or playful if you will.The common ground is of course my obsession with nature and animals.The decision to blend these two genres into one site came only after a fair bit of thought. My concern is that it may appear that I am struggling to find my voice. In fact, it's quite the contrary. Call it maturity (although those who know me would argue the use of that word with regards to yours truly)but over the years I have grown comfortable, indeed proud of my role as an illustrator. If through my work I can entertain, and/or inspire a deeper appreciation of the many faces of nature and the creatures within it, then my efforts will be moving towards worthwhile.

For those then who might enjoy this somewhat schizophrenic voyage, I welcome you. It's in this new spirit of full disclosure I feel strangely re-energized and more free to more fully and honestly explore my relationship with nature and art. I look forward to sharing the results