Hello and welcome to my sketch-blog. This seemingly self-indulgent exercise is where I intend to post the doodles, sketches, and occasionally more finished pieces of artwork to, if my insecurities are correct, an apathetic if not imaginary audience.

Friday, April 8, 2011

"Bearly" Tasteful

Been a while since I have posted anything new. Swamped here at the studio, and missing out on some beautiful spring weather too I might add. Ah well, it's nice to gaze out the window at now and then.

Anyways, for those craving a new image and post I give you this. An illustration that once and for all answers the age old question, "does a bear sh_ t in the woods?"

I promise next post will be a little more "high brow" for the more sensitive types. Although I suspect they have stopped looking in long ago.