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Friday, February 5, 2010

Influences part 1

Despite this recent exploration into self promotion through this blog and other experimental means, I am, believe it or not, more than a little uncomfortable speaking or writing about my own work. So from time to time I will spotlight an artist or two that have influenced me and my work throughout my life.Those who find my own work worth looking at might find it interesting to dig through my inspirational roots to see from where I grew.

The first and most powerful person who molded my career through his work was Paul Bransom. A quick flip through my own body of work shows a pretty clear love of animals, so it is no surprise that Mr. Bransom's work played such a huge role in my career choice and love of draftsmanship. Paul Bransom was, during his day, the most preeminent illustrators of animals and animal stories. His work graced the pages of such classics as The Wind and the Willows, The Call Of The Wild, and numerous covers for The Country Gentleman and Saturday evening post. When I was a young and easily influenced young artist just out of school, I fell in love with his work that I discovered within the pages of the young reader series of animal stories by Charles D.D. Roberts..a Canadian author who's books I would find in antique books stores.

Mr. Bransom's work depended on such skillful draftsmanship that came from drawing from his life and experience. No Google searches for images to swipe or projection of photos. No, this master drew his subject that he knew completely, and skillfully incorporated his them into wonderfully designed illustrations the likes of which we will not likely see pass this way again.

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