Hello and welcome to my sketch-blog. This seemingly self-indulgent exercise is where I intend to post the doodles, sketches, and occasionally more finished pieces of artwork to, if my insecurities are correct, an apathetic if not imaginary audience.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ah Saturday

What does a deadline encumbered freelance illustrator do on a rare Saturday off?...Paints and draws of course...

Seriously..with deadlines a week away I promised myself some time to push back from the assignments on my desk and just have a little fun. So I broke out some gouache paints and experiment a little this morning. The results...different yes, but I also kind of like the free sketchy feel. A spontaneity I would like to see more of in my work..Sometimes it pays to just goof off a little.

Now its off for a refreshing walk in the winter woods to recharge the batteries.

Talk atcha soon.

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  1. This is fun little sketch, I really like the last squirrel too, great work!